Below are listed current active procurements/inquiries open to competition and posted in the public domain for international research organisations. The Swiss ILO only publishes tenders requiring high-tech capabilities and where a reasonable commercial opportunity for Swiss industry to succeed in the tender application process has been identified. Refer to the procurement page of each international research organisation for a complete list of current procurement activity for that organisation.

Tender list updated monthly. Last update: 25.06.2018

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Organisation Reference Description Procurement Delivery place Publication Deadline Status
CERN MS-4413 Supply of two stainless steel cryostats. Market Survey Geneva 2018-01-31 - Closed
CERN MS-4306 Supply of HOM couplers and pickups Market Survey Geneva 2017-03-01 - Closed
CERN MS-4240/SMB Supply of flexible copper single core cables covering rated voltage of 0.6/1 kV Market Survey Geneva 2016-10-06 2017-02-15 Closed
CERN MS-4365 Supply of liquid nitrogen Market Survey Geneva 2018-03-15 - Closed
CERN MS-4284 Supply of aluminium diamond gaskets for Ultra High Vacuum flanges Market Survey Geneva 2016-12-19 2017-03-10 Closed
CERN MS-4263/TE/HL-LHC Supply of eight superconducting MQXF magnets for the HL-LHC project Market Survey Geneva 2016-10-13 - Closed
CERN MS-4265/BE Supply of four 5kW amplifiers and two 20kW solid-state power amplifiers Market Survey Geneva 2016-10-16 - Closed
CERN MS-4269/TE/HL-LHC Supply of 13 vacuum vessels for the 11T dipole magnets Market Survey Geneva 2016-10-11 2017-03-13 Closed
CERN MS-4272/EN Framework Market Survey concerning the manufacture and supply of a total of 24 collimators for 2019 Market Survey Geneva 2016-11-03 2017-03-20 Closed
CERN MS-4301 Supply of Conflat® OFS Copper Gaskets for Ultra High Vacuum Flanges Market Survey Geneva 2016-12-21 2017-03-10 Closed
CERN MS-4309 Supply of Nb (Niobium) and NbTi (Niobium Titanium) for HL-LHC Crab Cavities Market Survey Geneva 2016-03-02 - Closed
CERN MS-4436 Supply of helium leak detectors Market Survey Geneva 2018-03-27 - Closed
CERN MS-4308 Supply of DQW Dressed Cavities Market Survey Geneva 2016-03-02 - Closed
CERN MS-4149 Framework Market Survey concerning the supply of 36kV dry type power transformers Market Survey Geneva 2016-02-07 - Closed
CERN MS-4295 Supply of aluminium raw material for the outer shells of new inner triplet magnets. Market Survey Geneva 2016-01-17 - Closed
CERN MS-4449 Supply of a medium voltage Pulse Forming System.for CLIC Market Survey Geneva 2018-05-31 - Open
CERN MS-4297 Supply of raw material for MQXFB : ARMCO and Nitronic 50 Market Survey Geneva 2016-01-17 - Closed
CERN MS-4296 Supply of supporting structures for the inner triplet quadrupole magnets MQXFB including the yoke, load pad and collar structure. Market Survey Geneva 2016-01-17 - Closed
CERN MS-4461 Supply and installation of a modular ultrasonic immersion testing system Market Survey Geneva 2018-05-29 - Open
CERN MS-4421 Supply of TiAl6V4 Rings and Springs for HL-LHC Shielded Beam Screens Market Survey Geneva 2018-05-24 - Open
CERN MS-4139/EN Supply installation and commissioning of an all-metal vacuum furnace Expression of Interest Geneva 2015-09-02 Q3-2015 Closed
CERN IT-4147/TE Supply of power stacks for CERN’s new family of SIRIUS power converters Expression of Interest Geneva 2015-08-13 Q3-2015 Closed
CERN IT-4174/TE Helium Liquefier System for the SM18 Cryogenifc Infrastructure Invitation to Tender Geneva 2016-09-12 2016-10-17 Closed
CERN MS-4237/TE Production and testing of ±100 V ±5 A MACAO type power converters Market Survey Geneva 2016-08-08 2016-09-05 Closed
CERN MS-4120/TE/HL-LHC Supply of 1.5 m long dipole magnet (short model) for the HL-LHC project Expression of Interest Geneva 2015-04-15 Q4-2015 Closed
CERN IT-4089/EN/ISOLDE Supply of Vacuum Vessels for the ISOLDE Target Call for Tender Geneva 2016-01-22 2016-02-29 Closed
CERN MS-4436 Supply of Helium Leak Detectors Market Survey Geneva 2018-06-20 - Open
CERN MS-4054/TE/HL/LHC Braiding of woven glass fibre and mineral insulation over Nb3Sn superconducting cables provided by CERN Expression of Interest Geneva 2014-10-09 Q4-2015 Closed
CERN MS-4154/EN Centrifugal Water Pumps Expression of Interest Geneva 2015-11-09 Q4-2015 Closed
CERN IT-4395 Supply of beam screen tubes for HL-LHC cryo-magnets Market Survey Geneva 2018-06-25 - Open
CERN MS-3930/TE/HIE-ISOLDE Market Survey for qualifying firms for the design, manufacture, conformity tests and calibration of high precision & high voltage DC power supplies for the ISOLDE/HIE-ISOLDE facility at CERN Expression of Interest Geneva 2013-02-08 Q4-2015 Closed
CERN IT-4191/TE/HL-LHC Quadrupole correctors (QUACO) for HL-LHC Expression of Interest Geneva 2016-01-22 Q2-2016 Closed
CERN MS-4146/EN Supply and manufacturing of fourteen TCDI Collimators for TI2 and TI8 transfer lines for the SPS-LIU project Expression of Interest Geneva 2015-07-29 Q3-2015 Closed
CERN MS-4127/DGS Supply including design, installation and commissioning of a cutting cell for the CERN Radioactive Waste Treatment Centre (RWTC) Expression of Interest Geneva 2015-05-06 Q4-2015 Closed
CERN MS-4195 EP/ATLAS Supply of 2 NJD Disc assemblies for the ATLAS NSW upgrade Expression of Interest Geneva 2016-02-01 Q2-2016 Closed
CERN IT-4184/TE Supply of 32 special coils for magnets of the PS Booster Expression of Interest Geneva 2016-02-23 Q2-2016 Closed
CERN MS-4149/TE Supply of 3off 18kV 2.5MVA dry type power transformers Expression of Interest Geneva 2015-10-20 Q1-2016 Closed
CERN IT-4174/TE Supply of a 35 g/s helium liquefier Expression of Interest Geneva 2016-02-01 Q2-2016 Closed
CERN MS-4277/EN/HL-LHC Supply of absorber Copper-Diamond composite blocks for HL-LHC Collimators Market Survey Geneva 2016-10-10 2016-12-08 Closed
CERN MS-4201/EN/HL/LHC Supply of absorber MoGr blocks for HL-LHC collimator jaws Market Survey Geneva 2016-02-18 2016-06-17 Closed
CERN MS-4291/TE/HL-LHC Supply of approximately 8 tons of precision machined tungsten absorbers Market Survey Geneva 2016-10-11 Q2-2017 Closed
CERN MS-4241/RCS Supply of cryogenic liquid argon pumps Market Survey Geneva 2016-06-03 2016-08-12 Closed
CERN MS-4247/EN supply of high voltage cable accessories for rated voltages from 3.3 kV up to 30 kV and installation Market Survey Geneva 2016-10-17 2016-11-30 Closed
CERN IT-4187/EP/ATLAS Supply of HV power supply system for the ATLAS NSW upgrade Expression of Interest Geneva 2016-01-25 Q2-2016 Closed
CERN IT-4200/DG Supply of LAr cryogenics for the Neutrino Platform Expression of Interest Geneva 2016-02-16 Q2-2016 Closed
CERN MS-4198/BE Supply of magnetic alloy cores for the Proton Synchrotron Booster Expression of Interest Geneva 2016-03-03 2016-05-19 Closed
CERN MS-4197/EN Supply of MQXF end spacers - superconductive cable Expression of Interest Geneva 2016-04-08 Q2-2016 Closed
CERN MS-4159/GS Supply of Oxygen-Free Electronic copper sheets and plates UNS C10100 Grade 1 Market Survey Geneva 2016-10-31 2017-01-10 Closed
CERN MS-4233/EN Supply of Power Cables Market Survey Geneva 2016-07-18 2016-08-29 Closed
CERN MS-4257/TE/LHC Supply of power converters Market Survey Geneva 2016-09-23 2017-01-10 Closed
CERN MS-4077/TE/LHC Supply of sets of components for protecting the LHC MBW and MQW magnets from ionizing radiation. The components shall be produced in W alloy with low magnetic permeability Expression of Interest Geneva 2015-04-13 Q1-2016 Closed
CERN MS-4111/TE/HL-LHC Supply of strip on coil for HL-LHC inner triplet, D2, Q4 and Q5 beam screens in IR 1&5 and of billets for cooling tubes for HL-LHC inner triplet, D2, Q4 and Q5 beam screens in IR 1&5. Expression of Interest Geneva 2015-03-02 Q4-2015 Closed
CERN MS-4181/TE Supply of turbo molecular vacuum pumps Expression of Interest Geneva 2016-02-08 2016-07-05 Closed
CERN MS-4179/TE Supply of UHV all metal gate valve Expression of Interest Geneva 2016-02-09 2016-08-19 Closed
CERN MS-4180/TE Supply of UHV metal angle valves Expression of Interest Geneva 2016-02-08 2016-08-19 Closed
CERN MS-4260/TE/HL-LHC Supply of up to 100 HL-LHC beam screen tubes for the new cryo magnets Market Survey Geneva 2016-09-23 Q4-2016 Closed
CERN MS-4131/EN Supply, installation and commissioning of a 3D printing system for processing reactive and non-reactive metallic powder materials Expression of Interest Geneva 2015-05-11 Q4-2015 Closed
CERN MS-4275/TE Turn-key 18 kV Thyristor Controlled Reactor (TCR) Installations Market Survey Geneva 2016-11-02 2016-11-30 Closed
CERN MS-4332/EP/ATLAS Supply, including manufacture, of massive copper rings for Atlas New Small Wheel Hubs Market Survey Geneva 2017-04-06 - Closed
CERN MS-4333/EN/HL/LHC Supply of vacuum tanks TDIS for HL-LHC Market Survey Geneva 2017-04-10 2017-06-21 Closed
CERN MS-4303 Supply of Vacuum Chambers for Beam Wire Scanners Market Survey Geneva 2017-04-26 2017-05-24 Closed
CERN MS-4302/TE Sale and recuperation of more than 100 oil-filled transformers of different types, dimensions and its oil Market Survey Geneva 2017-05-08 - Closed
CERN MS-4336 Manufacturing, Integration and Cabling of Output Filters and High Frequency (HF) Transformers for converter R2E-LHC[4-6-8kA; +08V Market Survey Geneva 2017-07-13 2017-08-10 Closed
CERN MS-4353 Supply of flexible multicore low voltage copper cables Market Survey Geneva 2017-07-07 2017-08-21 Closed
CERN MS-4293 Supply of rolled and forged round bars in Stainless Steel EN 1.4429 AISI 316LN Market Survey Geneva 2017-07-14 2017-08-21 Closed
CERN MS-4343 Manufacturing and Supply of Printed Circuit Boards Market Survey Geneva 2017-07-06 2017-08-03 Closed
CERN MS-4346 Provision of mechanical design and engineering services on the CERN site Market Survey Geneva 2017-08-08 2017-09-05 Closed
CERN MS-4340 Supply of bump bonding of front-end ASICS onto planar silicon pixel sensors for ATLAS ITk Phase II upgrade Market Survey Geneva 2017-09-27 - Closed
CERN MS-4339 Supply of planar silicon pixel sensors for the ATLAS new Inner Tracking (ITk) detector Market Survey Geneva 2017-09-20 - Closed
CERN MS-4306 Supply of HOM couplers and pickups Market Survey Geneva 2017-03-01 - Closed
CERN MS-4361 High Precision Direct Current Current Transducers in the range of 1 kA to 3 kA Market Survey Geneva 2017-09-15 2017-10-16 Closed
CERN MS-4368 Supply of Six Main Superconducting Quadrupoles for the LHC Consolidation Market Survey Geneva 2017-10-06 2017-11-03 Closed
CERN MS-4405 Supply and installation of cryogenic distribution systems for the upgrade of CERN facilities Market Survey Geneva 2017-11-17 - Closed
CERN MS-4374 Supply of four seamless ring-rolled forged cylinders made of austenitic steel, to be used by CERN for the machining of vacuum tanks for the LHC superconducting cavity spare cryo-module Market Survey Geneva 2017-11-01 - Closed
CERN MS-4375 Supply of Telecom Radiating Cables Market Survey Geneva 2017-11-08 2017-12-05 Closed
CERN MS-4396 Supply of PCIe cards Market Survey Geneva 2017-10-30 - Closed
CERN MS-4403 Supply of material engineering R&D, characterization, consultancy and prototypes for beam intercepting devices (BID) applications Market Survey Geneva 2017-10-23 - Closed
CERN MS-4367 MS-4367/EN - Design, Construction, Testing, Delivery and Commissioning of a Helium Cooling and Passivation System for the Beam Dump Facility Market Survey Geneva 2017-11-13 2017-12-11 Closed
CERN IT-4352 Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Two Versatile Tooling Sets for the Assembly of High Luminosity LHC Cryomagnets Invitation to Tender Geneva 2017-12-21 2018-02-01 Closed
CERN MS-4407 Supply of Diaphragm liquid CO2 pumps Market Survey Geneva 2017-12-13 2018-01-24 Closed
CERN IT-4319 Supply of new beryllium chamber for CMS LS2 experimental vacuum upgrade Invitation to Tender Geneva 2017-11-29 - Closed
CERN MS-4410 Supply of Laminations for 11 Tesla HiLum LHC Magnets Market Survey Geneva 2017-12-07 2018-01-19 Closed
CERN MS-4362 Supply of 18 kV AC Filter Capacitor Banks for Static Var Compensator Projects Market Survey Geneva 2017-12-20 2018-01-31 Closed
CERN MS-4395 Supply of Beam Screen Tubes for HL-LHC cryo-magnets Market Survey Geneva 2017-12-07 2018-01-18 Closed
CERN MS-4376 Supply of 140 glass fibre support posts Market Survey Geneva 2017-09-04 2018-01-15 Closed
CERN MS-4419 Supply of a high-precision numerically controlled multifunctional turning-boring-milling centre Market Survey Geneva 2018-01-16 - Closed
CERN MS-4376 140 glass fibre support posts supports HL-LHC WP Market Survey Geneva 2017-04-12 2018-01-14 Closed
CERN MS-4414 Supply of Power Distribution Units for IT equipment Market Survey Geneva 2017-01-12 2018-02-09 Closed
CERN MS-4433 Supply of high speed optoelectronic transceivers based on a CERN design. Market Survey Geneva 2018-02-23 - Closed
CERN MS-4499 Supply of cast-resin dry-type power transformers Market Survey Geneva 2018-02-07 - Closed
ESO CfT 132 E-ELT Position Actuators Invitation to Tender Munich 2016-09-23 2017-01-17 Closed
ESO CfT 203 Development, manufacturing and testing of the M5 Cell of the ELT. Request for Information Munich 2018-02-02 - Closed
ESO CfT 201 Request for Information for the washing, stripping, handling and quality control process and equipment for the ELT primary mirror (M1) segment assemblies. Request for Information Munich 2018-01-26 - Closed
ESO CfT 161 Service contract for the maintenance of the VLT and VLTI Software infrastructure Invitation to Tender Munich 2016-11-28 2017-02-22 Closed
ESO CfT 205 Warm Cartridge Assembly (WCA) for ALMA Band 2 Receiver Request for Information Munich 2018-03-08 - Closed
ESO CfT 164 Building and testing the Prefocal Station A Main System of the ELT. RFI Munich 2016-02-01 - Closed
ESO CfT 212 .Design, Manufacture, and Certification of the ERIS System Handling Tool Price Inquiry Munich 2018-04-22 - Open
ESO CfT 207 207 26.03.2018 DOP/ELT Design, Production, Verification and Delivery of the M1 Segment Assembly Manipulator and Design, Prototyping, Production, Verification of the M1 Local Optical Phasing Sensor of the ELT Price Inquiry Munich 2018-03-28 - Open
ESO CfT 109 E-ELT M2 and M3 Cell Design and Manufacturing Call for Tender Munich 2015-02-19 2015-06-09 Closed
ESO CfT 121 Manufacturing, Test and Delivery of Mirrors for the Coude Train of the Auxiliary Telescopes Call for Tender Munich 2015-11-11 2015-12-03 Closed