ILO Network

The term ILO 'Industrial Liaison Officer' (or in some International Research Organisations called 'Purchasing Advisor') refers to a representative of a Member state responsible for ensuring the proper contacts and flow of information between the International Research Organisation and the firms in the Member state concerned. Industrial Liaison Officers are appointed by Member States delegations.

ILOs have a privileged access to a range of purchasing Information such as results of  the following (non exhaustive): markets surveys, price inquiries, call for tenders, affiliated member state registered company lists, annual purchasing reports. Yearly meetings are normally organized by the International Research Organisations in order to discuss the past years cooperation, upcoming events in the next year and possible improvements in procedures and communication.

To facilitate easy communication to and between Industrial Liaison Officers, the International Research Organisations maintain a public list of the affiliated ILOs (corresponding webpage see each Research Organisation description page).

The ILO network -as privileged ear and eye on its Member state industries- has a feed-back role into the contract attribution process of each International Research Organisation and thereby contributes to the overall quality of its purchasing procedure.